Storage Facilities, Packing Services, & Packing Materials in Hampton, New Hampshire

Rely on our family of movers with more than 27 years of experience in the moving industry. Besides our ability to move anything anywhere, we also provide storage facilities, packing services, and packing materials at our location in Hampton, New Hampshire.

Long & Short-Term Storage

Purchase secure storage for your property at the rate of $50 per month for a minimum of one month and 1,000 lbs. There is a $50 handling fee, and we will deliver any boxes you need for your upcoming move.

Packing Services & Materials

Whether you need materials to do your own packing or you want to take advantage of our complete packing services, we have everything you need to securely transport your items. Basic, fragile, or full-service packing is available in conjunction with our heavy-duty packing materials, which include:
  • 1.5 Cube Book (for Books & Heavier Small Items): $2.25 Each, $7.25 with Labor
  • 3.0 Cube Medium (for Larger Light Items): $3.00 Each, $9.00 with Labor
  • 4.5 Cube Large (for Even Larger Light Items): $4.00 Each, $11.00 with Labor
  • 5.2 Cube Dish Pack (for Dishes, Glassware, & Electronics): $6.00 Each, $26.00 with Labor
  • 6.1 Cube Extra-Large (for Toys & Shoes): $5.00 Each, $13.00 with Labor
  • Wardrobe with Bar (for Hanging Clothes): $10.00 Each, $25.00 with Labor
  • Mirror Carton (2-Piece, for Pictures & Tabletops): $6.00 Each, $18.00 with Labor
  • Mirror Carton (4-Piece, for Large Tabletops): $10.00 Each, $35.00 with Labor
  • White Packing Paper (25 lbs.): $25.00
  • Brown Wrapping Paper (4'x8'): $3.00
  • Packing Tape (2.5" x 55"): $3.00
  • Mattress Bags: $8.00 Each, $18.00 with Labor
Packing Items - Moving Company in New Hampshire, NH
Let us pack up your home or just one specific item. Special packing and handling is our expertise, as we pack your breakables and delicates for maximum protection.
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